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When ADP first started a reference program to get their happiest customers to speak to prospects, they had no idea how large of an opportunity they were sitting on.

What started as a small initiative turned into a massive opportunity when ADP realized the enormous value that customer advocates could add.

The secret to their success? Using customer advocates to power nearly every department.

ADP’s customer advocates bolster marketing efforts, provide sales references, give product feedback, boost event engagement, and help each other achieve success on their journeys. Plus, ADP engages and empowers its own employees through an employee advocacy program.

And they’ve seen incredible results since infusing the voice of the customer throughout the organization, including:

  • Recruiting 3,800+ advocates to join the program
  • Product marketing – 43 online reviews sourced through the program
  • Demand generation – 1,909 webinar registrations
  • Content marketing – 712 testimonials collected, and 15,000+ social shares
  • Sales – Accelerating sales cycles for prospects
  • Customer success – 22% higher NPS for advocates than for other customers
  • Product development – 914 advocates gave product feedback

Want to learn how ADP achieved such an impressive advocacy program? Download this eBook, and you’ll get a detailed look at the tactics ADP used to accomplish these results and more.

“The Ambassador Rewards Program has had a huge impact on our business. The platform gives us direct access to engaged customers and nearly instant, actionable feedback that is invaluable to our team.”

—Christi Fedio, Senior Director of Change Management at ADP