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Advochat: How Procore Launched An Award-Winning Referral Program

Larisa Sandu is the Advocate Marketing Manager at Procore Technologies and a two-time BAMMIE award winner, recently winning the 2017 title of Advocate Marketer of the Year.

Through the Procore advocate community, powered by Influitive, Larisa has been able to leverage advocates to influence sales revenue, and bring in over 1000 referrals, 43 of them which have already been closed/won!

In the latest Advochat webinar series, Larisa and Victoria LaPlante of Influitive shared their experience running these kinds of programs, and answered audience questions including:

  • How did you originally get buy in from internal stakeholders?
  • What qualifying questions do you ask your advocates for your referral program?
  • How do you educate your advocates on the types of referrals you’re looking for?

Check out the full conversation below!


Larisa Sandu, Advocacy Program Manager, Procore Technologies
Victoria LaPlante, Sr. Advocacy Marketing Manager, Influitive