Improving Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Impact

There’s a new rising star in the marketing department: the customer marketer. Long a backwater marketing function responsible for sending customer newsletters and organizing user groups, customer marketing is undergoing a transformation.

In this new report conducted by Koyne Marketing, the majority of CEOs and marketing executives from more than two hundred B2B organizations agree that customer marketing is more important than ever. The companies that do customer marketing well and measure it effectively see a correlation between customer satisfaction and revenue. For those who aren’t doing it (or aren’t measuring it), there’s even more opportunity for customer marketing to have an impact in the future.

Along with the latest B2B customer marketing benchmark results, this report includes insights for teams like yours including:

  • In-demand skill sets you can leverage or acquire to implement a successful customer marketing program.
  • The common metrics companies are using to measure their marketing efforts.
  • Recommendations to apply to your own customer marketing initiatives to boost your revenue.

Download the report to see how your organization’s customer marketing initiatives stack up!