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It used to take weeks for Kate Cohen, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Carbon Black, to source feedback for her R&D team. Now it only takes a few days.

What changed?

Kate implemented an advocate marketing program, called Cb Defenders, to nurture a relationship with customers who were happy to give product feedback quickly.

Download this success story to get an inside look at the strategy that made these results possible. You’ll learn how to discover, nurture, and mobilize your customers to quickly give your product team authentic feedback—and lots of it.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Kate used the program to score 50 new product reviews on Gartner Peer Insights
  • The reason why Kate believes both community software and advocate marketing software are essential
  • Kate’s strategy for handpicking ideal advocates for her community
  • How Kate incentivizes & rewards star community members

“Cb Defenders has allowed us to move faster than we did in the past, and it has freed up UX team resources. The R&D team also feels even more confident with customer feedback fueling their decisions.”

—Kate Cohen, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Carbon Black