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In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, and competitors can easily replicate your products, the key to winning and retaining customers is no longer just about having the best software.

The real differentiator today is customer experience—and the companies that offer an engaging post-sale journey are the ones that retain more users, and ultimately, win the market.

Carlos Gonzalez, Vice President of CS Operations, and Nick Venturella, Customer Success Operations Manager at Ceridian—a leading human capital management software provider—have mastered this approach.

Download this case study to learn how they created an award-winning advocate marketing program that:

  • Averted $500,000+ in support costs through community peer-to-peer problem solving
  • Leads to a 25 points higher NPS of XOXO participants vs. non-participants
  • Influenced $189,000,000 in annual pipeline opportunities
  • Sourced 832 customer advocates for marketing collateral in 2017, including case studies, blogs, and testimonials
  • Generated hundreds of reviews for Ceridian on third party websites
  • Influences 90% of customers’ decision to stay with Ceridian