You don’t control your brand anymore. Your customers do.

89% of marketers say they expect to compete primarily on the customer experience by the year 2016 (Gartner)

Whether you like it or not, a new version of your brand is emerging on the social web – one you may not even be aware exists. It’s being shaped by online reviews, peer referrals, conversations on social networks and word of mouth marketing generated by your socially connected customers. What are they saying about you? That’s where you come in. It’s time for marketing leaders to build customer-obsessed companies that consistently provide a delightful customer experience.

Download The CMO’s Guide To Next Gen Brand Building to gain insight into:

• Building your brand in the age of advocacy
• Cultivating a customer-obsessed company culture
• Implementing an advocate marketing strategy
• And much more!

bill-macaitis“If you believe the brand is a sum of every single experience, then every single person in the company is going to influence that experience.”
Bill Macaitis, CMO Slack

meagen_eisenberg“A company’s unbelievable advantage today is not in content, lead systems or cold calling. It’s in their customers and communities. Give them the megaphone.”
Meagen Eisenberg, CMO MongoDB