4 strategies and gamificiation examples for aligning sales, marketing and customer success to score more wins

Most companies have already identified the key performance indicators that drive their business. The hard part is understanding how to focus your sales, marketing and customer success teams on the key activities that drive business results.

In this complimentary webinar, Chris Newton, VP of Business Development at Influitive, and Rebecca MacDonald, VP of Marketing at Hoopla, offer four key strategies to ensuring your teams are aligned and motivated around your core business goals, including:

  • How to use contests and leaderboards to focus and motivate your sales team’s performance
    How to scale your marketing reach at minimum cost, and impact buyer decisions earlier in the sales cycle
    How to tap into the power of customer advocacy to fuel your business and increase customer engagement
    How to leverage social recognition to keep your customer-facing teams motivated and engaged

Don’t miss this chance to see real-world gamification examples of how companies like yours are using these strategies to create a high-performance team culture that increases customer engagement and drives business forward.