A 2012 Harvard Business Review study found that 60% of a typical buying decision is made before a customer contacts anyone in your organization—meaning, in today’s market, your reputation will always precede you.

So, how can you deal with competitors making false claims about your products or services? Your first instinct may be to get mad, or get even. However, neither will solve the problem.

Instead of starting a “he said, she said” war, there’s another route you can take. To drown out false claims, you need someone to speak up on your behalf; someone whose voice has more weight than your own…someone like your advocates. These people are your biggest fans, happiest partners and most vocal evangelists, who can refute your competitor’s claims with their enthusiasm.

Influitive’s VP of Business Development, Chris Newton, teamed up with our friends Tony DeLollis, Chief Technology Officer at RO|Innovation and Jenny Berthiaume, Director of Customer Culture at Oracle Marketing Cloud, for a webinar to discuss how to fight back against competitors while taking the high road.