Learn how advocate marketing software makes customer engagement faster, easier and more effective.

Wondering how much time it *really* takes to run an advocate community using Influitive’s AdvocateHub?

In this short guide, we’ll outline:

• How much time should you invest each week in an advocate community
• If you need to hire someone to run your advocate community
• How starting an advocate program will save you time and effort in the long run
• How to build an advocate community — even if you don’t have the bandwidth

DavinWBefore we had Influitive, we were doing our advocacy activity manually, but none of it was scalable. All of it was individual efforts tracked in an app that we built—which made it easy to track things, but not to generate advocacy. That’s what drew us to Influitive.”
-Davin Wilfrid, Customer & Advocate Marketing Manager, QuickBase


michael beahm headshot

“We used to rely on things like LinkedIn groups and our annual conference to engage customers.The ability to post a challenge, ask a question and get feedback almost immediately is pretty revolutionary…It’s really simple, which is great for me operationally.” 

-Michael Beahm, Senior Marketing Manager, Blackbaud Software