Gaining buy-in from educators is critical to growing and maintaining your customer base. However, getting the attention of these dedicated professionals—and then holding onto it—requires a careful approach. You’ll need to catch them at the right time and appeal to their altruistic nature if you want to win them over.

In this new eBook, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

• the art and science behind engaging educators
• insights into their personality type
• the key challenges you’ll face when communicating with them
• strategies for delivering value to educators
• how to incentivize them to become advocates for your brand

You’ll also get insider tips and best practices from marketers who have experience engaging educators, including Blackbaud and Edmodo.

“Educators may often be limited in time, money, and staff resources, so the more useful content you can serve up to help their school be better, the more likely they’ll be to advocate for your business.”
Michael Beahm, Customer Advocate Marketing Manager at Blackbaud 

“Teachers do not often have the opportunity to work with teachers outside their school. They love getting exposure to other teacher leaders. Create a space where they can connect and collaborate.”
Kevyn Klein, Director of Customer Success and Advocacy at Edmodo