Finance professionals are tough nuts to crack. They’re confident, numbers-driven people who won’t give your marketing messages a second glance if they don’t see value right away. Understanding how and when to approach this busy, intelligent group of people is the key to turning them into advocates for your brand.

In this new eBook, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

• The art and science behind engaging finance professionals
• Insights into the finance personality type
• The key challenges you’ll face when communicating with them
• How to incentivize finance professionals to become advocates for your brand

You’ll also get insider tips and best practices from marketers who have experience engaging those who work in finance, including people from brands like Billtrust, Cronin and Company, Demand Spring, Firmex and Tagetik.

 “Finance professionals are the toughest advocates to reach. Fun challenges sometimes help, but they are more interested in how you can solve their problems.”
-Elisabetta Pierallini, Director, Global Events, Customer Advocacy and Italy Marketing Manager, Tagetik

 “Advocate marketers should not make it about ‘money’ when talking to finance professionals. Yes, we are all motivated by money. However, when talking to this segment, you start to walk a slippery slope. Keep the content educational and focused on investing in the relationship.”
-Jeff Mard, Vice President, Business Development and Innovation, Cronin and Company