Gaining buy-in from Human Resources (HR) professionals is critical to growing and maintaining your customer base. However, getting the attention of these notoriously busy people—and then holding onto it—requires a careful approach. Waste their time once and they won’t look at you twice.

In this new eBook, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

• the art and science behind engaging HR professionals
• insights into HR professional personality type
• the key challenges you’ll face when communicating with them
• strategies for delivering value to HR professionals
• how to incentivize HR professionals to become advocates for your brand

You’ll also get insider tips and best practices from marketers who have experience engaging HR professionals, including Ceridian, Virgin Pulse, WORK[etc] and more.

“HR professionals often begin their search for new software with a simple Google search, or rely on opinions from other professionals in their network. They commonly read reviews or post questions on forums such as LinkedIn before ever contacting a company to speak with a sales rep.”
-Kimberly Griffith, Customer Success Administrator at Ceridian HCM 

“Most HR professionals have a LOT on their plate (Who doesn’t? But they REALLY do!), so it’s critical that advocacy opportunities feel really valuable to them. That may mean sharing inside information on your products or strategy, or providing them with unique VIP opportunities that let them share the impact they’re having at their company with others in the industry.”
-Kaite Bonneville, Marketing Communications Manager at Virgin Pulse