Gaining buy-in from Information Technology (IT) professionals is critical to growing and maintaining your customer base. However, getting the attention of these elusive folks—and then holding onto it—means you need to speak their language. Waste their time with marketing fluff and they won’t look at you twice.

In this new eBook, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

• the art and science behind engaging IT professionals
• insights into their personality type
• the key challenges you’ll face when communicating with them
• strategies for delivering value to IT professionals
• how to incentivize IT professionals to become advocates for your brand

You’ll also get insider tips and best practices from marketers who have experience engaging IT professionals, including BMC software, Quorum, Work [etc], Bomgar, and more.

“After 12 years marketing to IT professionals in various roles, I’ve learned one very important lesson: don’t oversell something or make it sound more fun than it really is or they will be totally turned off.”
-Liz Pedro, Director of Customer Success Marketing at Mitel 

“IT advocates are extremely passionate about what they do. They love providing feedback and networking with their peers. They are used to having to listen, so when they get asked to speak they really enjoy that.”
-Kim Ellis, Director of Customer Experience at BMC Software

“Although many IT professionals are introverts or adverse to the spotlight, we have found that many are not. So it’s very important to know your advocates and what motivates them.”
-Sophie Brown, Customer Marketing Manager at Bomgar