Gaining buy-in from project managers and consultants is critical to growing and maintaining your customer base. However, getting the attention of these notoriously busy people—and then holding onto it—requires the right incentives. If you can’t show them value right away, they won’t look at you twice.

In this new eBook, marketing and sales professionals will learn:

• the art and science behind engaging project managers and consultants
• insights into their personality type
• the key challenges you’ll face when communicating with them
• strategies for delivering value to project managers and consultants
• how to incentivize them to become advocates for your brand

You’ll also get insider tips and best practices from marketers who have experience engaging project managers and consultants, including Wrike, Clarizen, Junction Solutions and more.

“Project managers and consultants don’t want to be known as a service centre. They’re an aspirational and strategic group. They want to have a strong impact on their business. Help them find ways to shine and prove that they do more than cross items off ‘to-do’ lists.”
Genevieve Guerette, Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing at Clarizen 

“Project managers are often early adopters, making them internal experts in their organizations. This is why it’s crucial to clearly explain all the benefits of new product features to them so they can share with their teams”
Irene Matveeva, Marketing Manager at Wrike