Find the referral program of your dreams

According to a recent research survey, 70% of B2B companies that have committed to a formal referral program are going to meet or exceed their yearly revenue goals.

But before you can build the referral program of your dreams, you need to find the right technology. (And no, Tinder won’t help.)

In our new guide, Finding Your Referral Technology Match, we break down how to decide on the type of tools your company needs to consistently generating high-quality matches—er, we mean referral leads.

It all starts by determining one important thing: Do you want to get closer to your customers so they can set you up with high-quality matches? Or do you want be introduced to as many people as possible to see if there’s chemistry?

Whether you’re looking for deep connections or a way to “put yourself out there,” this guide will teach you:

• Everything your company needs to consider before building a referral program
• What features you should be looking for in a referral platform
• Advice from other marketers on buying referral software
• How to bring your strategy and technology to consistently generate quality referrals