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Forrester Report: Establish Your B2B Advocate Marketing Goals Before Choosing Tech Suppliers

Download This Resource

Download This Resource

Choose the tech that best aligns with your organization’s objectives

It’s time for marketing executives to raise the ante on customer engagement!

According to Laura Ramos, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, the best way to do this is by pulling customer reference, referral, loyalty, success management, and voice-of-the-customer programs into a cohesive advocacy strategy with the help of technology.

Find out which technology and service providers can help you:

• Boost the reach of your advocates
• Expand the depth of their involvement with your organization
• Improve your relationship with your customers
• Or all three!

Download this report to better understand the different advocate marketing options, and why operationalizing customer engagement programs is essential to better serving and retaining B2B customers.

Featuring insights from 26 advocate marketing users and vendors, including:

• Tracy Eiler, CMO at InsideView
• Erica Kuhl, Senior Director of Community at Salesforce
• Joan Jenkins, Senior Director of Marketing at Oracle
• Chris Peltz, Customer Success Operations Manager at HP Software
• Merissa Hamilton, Manager of Customer Advocacy at Marketo
• And many more!