Strategic Plan: The B2B Marketing Playbook

B2B companies like yours want to be more customer obsessed, but you may not know how to make it a reality – especially at scale.

Customer experience often does not have a single owner and it is splintered by organizational silos. You may have an incomplete picture of your customers, composed of fragmented insights. Go-to-market strategies that are product-centric and company-first still dominate, but where does that leave your customers? There is a gap between companies that preach customer obsession and the reality of many customer experiences.

In this new report by Forrester Research, Principal Analyst Lori Wizdo advises B2B leaders to adopt a ‘go-to-customer strategy’ to close that gap and achieve customer engagement at scale. She identifies strategic decisions that can be made in key areas including:

  • Influencer and advocate marketing strategies
  • Thought leadership and content marketing
  • Marketing tactics across the lead-to-revenue process
  • Onboarding and post-sale relationship building
  • Sales channels

In this report, you’ll also learn about the four key buying archetypes that you should focus on if you want to align and collaborate on customer engagement:

  • Procurers: “Serve me”
  • Improvers: “Guide me”
  • Transformers: “Enlighten me”
  • Reactors: “Show me”

Download the research to learn how your company can start breaking down silos and enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint.