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Forrester Report: Turn B2B Customer Goodwill Into Gold

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Download This Resource

Use Four Advocate Marketing Personalities To Set Your Advocacy Strategy And Deliver Positive Outcomes

Advocate marketing programs are top of mind for B2B Marketers looking to increase customer retention and enrichment.

The key to a successful advocate marketing strategy is to design a holistic program around your customers and their unique personalities. By putting advocates above all else, marketers will reap success and achieve business objectives.

In this report by Forrester Research, Vice President and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos explains the four dominant customer advocate personalities and provides a framework for building a successful advocate marketing program.

In this report you’ll learn:

• From successful marketers who are engaging the four personality types
• Strategies to turn goodwill into tangible top- and bottom-line results
• Insights on how to internally align teams for advocate marketing success

Featuring insights from marketing leaders at 23 companies, including Influitive customers:

• Aerohive Networks
• Bomgar
• Brightpearl
• Code42
• Optimizely
• Rapid7
• Spiceworks