What’s the most effective way to ignite meaningful relationships with customers?

“Content!” says Uberflip, creators of a cloud-based content experience platform that empowers B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale.

But content alone is not enough. For your content to improve the customer experience, it must be delivered in the right way, at the right time.

Download this success story to find out how Alana Merdzan, Customer Marketing Specialist at Uberflip, leverages an advocacy program to connect with customers and deliver an engaging onboarding experience that helps customers drive value from their platform from day one.

You’ll also learn how Alana’s team achieved:

  • An 80% onboarding activity completion rate
  • An NPS score of 71 from advocates, which is higher than general customers
  • Successful onboarding of over 30 customers through the Launch Zone Experience

“The Launch Zone Experience gives advocates incentives to complete their onboarding. The faster they finish, the quicker they can drive value from our platform. This approach helps customers quickly get up-to-speed with our platform and feel closer to our brand in the long run.”

– Alana Merdzan, Customer Marketing Specialist, Uberflip