Every company wants to delight their customers and turn them into vocal brand advocates. But making these dreams a reality can seem daunting.

Who on your team has time to manage yet another program? Building and maintaining an advocate community does take time—but it’s well worth the investment in the long run. In this interactive video chat, successful advocate marketers will reveal:

  • How much time it takes to run a successful advocate community
  • How advocates save their teams hours of wasted time each week
  • Their time-management tips for maintaining an effective program
  • Why advocacy technology has transformed their roles and the customer experience for the better


Truman Tang, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Advocacy at Influitive

Heather Pepe, Senior Marketing Manager at PGi

Valerie Hamilton, Digital Marketing Specialist at Klipfolio

Kelly Caird, Director of Social Media & Advocacy at Just Drive Media