How does a company that powers over 2 billion business connections every day, and has thousands of customers spread across the globe, launch a cohesive new brand image and gain internal buy-in from employees?

In early 2014, business communications solutions giant Mitel was facing this problem.

They decided to partner with Influitive and Tango Card to create a scalable, advocate marketing solution to engage and educate their employees, increase their social media reach, and fuel more high-quality referrals.

Download this case study now to find out how Mitel:

• Quickly gained 1,700+ highly engaged advocates from around the world in their Mitel Champions program
• Saw 102,000+ social media actions from engaged employees
• Generated 150+ referral leads
• Received 130,000+ advocate activities
• Streamlined the management of their rewards program
• Gained complete buy-in for their new brand roll out across the world