How advocate marketing drove 50,000 targeted visitors to MongoDB’s website in just four months.

MongoDB markets to developers—a group that traditionally seeks technical expertise from their peers before they buy something. MongoDB knew that if they wanted to create engaging, relevant content that could capture the minds of their prospects, they’d need the help of their biggest fans within the developer community to do it.

So, the team at MongoDB launched a formal advocate marketing program to turn developers—who typically hate marketing content–into vocal content creators for their brand.

Download their success story to learn how MongoDB used a scalable advocacy platform to mobilize their advocates and achieve:

  • 140,000 clicks on content shared by advocates
  • 500 social shares on average per quarter—which drove 50,000 website visits in 4 months
  • 220+ online reviews on third-party sites
  • 24+ developer-written blogs in just a few weeks
  • And much more!


“People don’t buy because they read your marketing content; they buy once they truly believe in your brand promise—and putting advocates at the center of your content is the fastest way to make them believe. Companies that consistently leverage their customers’ voices in their content strategy will have a powerful advantage over their competitors.”
– Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB


“Passionate advocates will put time into creating valuable content. You just need to treat them right first. We build loyalty by getting our advocates involved in our marketing efforts.”
– Francesca Krihely, Senior Manager, Content Marketing