No one likes when their customers churn at renewal.

That’s why Katie Raeburn, Customer Marketing Manager, runs an advocacy program for Rosetta Stone customers.

The program, called The Bridge, allowed them to scale how they share important resources with customers and teach them how to best use Rosetta Stone’s language-learning software.

The results of the program? Up to 58% higher retention rates among customers in the program.

By downloading this success story, you’ll learn how Rosetta Stone guided the customer journey from onboarding to renewal through their advocacy program.

You’ll also learn how the team:

  • Created an active community of users, who have contributed 470+ topic replies in their Discussions forum
  • Enticed customers to share 400 responses to feedback surveys
  • Doubled the average NPS of program members by providing them with educational content and rewards
  • Scaled interactions with 1,750 program members using the right platform for their advocacy program

“We saw huge increases in customer retention. Customers who joined The Bridge were more active and had higher usage rates, and this ultimately resulted in increased renewals.”

-Katie Raeburn, Customer Marketing Manager at Rosetta Stone