When you are one of the largest software vendors on the globe with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of customers, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain 1:1 engagement with your customers at scale. To overcome this challenge, Chris Peltz and his team launched a small pilot program called the HP ITSM Insiders using Influitive’s AdvocateHub software, starting with 111 customers.

“The quicker you can show value to key stakeholders, the better,” says Chris, Chief of Staff for HP Software’s Service Portfolio Management Customer Success team.“Using Influitive, we could really see results quickly and share those results with our executives to get the additional buy-in and funding we needed to take the program from a pilot project to full production.”

Over the next year, they grew the program to include more than 1,000 customers, allowing HP Software to:

  • Establish stronger relationships with their customers
  • Increase awareness of new products within HP’s existing customer base
  • Gather customer feedback on new and existing products
  • Amplify the voices of HP customers on social media
  • Improve the attendee experience at HP events
  • Create a sense of community among IT Service Management professionals
  • And much more!

Download your copy of this success story to learn how Chris and his team got buy-in for the program and achieved incredible results with their customers, as well as their tips for anyone considering an advocate marketing program.