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Forrester Report: Help happy customers share their delight by prioritizing post-sale marketing

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Create Customer Advocacy Programs that Boost your Brand’s Influence and Success

ForresterHaving customers advocate for your business and share their knowledge and experiences is now essential to marketing success, and most B2B marketing professionals know it.

In this free report by Forrester Research, Principal Analyst Laura Ramos advises B2B marketers to tether post-sale experiences to authentic advocacy. This requires an investment in programs that start the day customers sign up and deliver measurable business results.

Read this report to learn why post-sale customer engagement marketing reinforces long-term relationships when you deliver valuable experiences throughout the customer journey that make customers want to back your brand.

Key takeaways:

  • Modern customer marketing creates advocates, not just loyal buyers
  • Most customer advocacy program managers are not demonstrating the ROI value of these programs.
  • Enlist buyers on day one to ensure post-sale customer marketing pays off

About the author:

Laura Ramos
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester, Serving B2B Marketing Professionals

Laura Ramos serves B2B Marketing Professionals. She is a leading expert in business-to-business marketing with hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry, and product marketing; demand management; and social media.