Learn how to measure and track the value of advocate marketing—and prove to your entire company that it’s worth the investment.

Ever wonder how “making customers feel special” through an advocate marketing program will deliver real tangible returns to your company (and cover program costs)?

In our newest guide, What’s The ROI Of Advocate Marketing?, we’re explaining how to show the returns on advocate marketing through:

  1. Increased revenue and accelerating pipeline
  2. Decreased costs thanks to advocate input and feedback
  3. Boosted brand awareness and demand
  4. Increased customer retention and account growth

This guide features insights from real marketers who run valuable advocate communities at companies like Acquisio, BMC, Ceridian, Iron Mountain, ReadyTalk, and SMART Technologies.

“Engineering depends on customers for new version user acceptance testing and product advisory boards. Product management engages customers for visionary executive councils. Human resources receives new employee referrals. Support has lightened its load by having customers support other customers.”
-Carlos Gonzalez, Vice President of Customer Success Operations at Ceridian HCM


“Across our business, the advocates that engage with us, or come back [to the program] frequently, are the ones that typically renew with us. They ask us specific questions (directly tied to retention or renewal) that I give back to our customer success and account management teams.”
-Kevin Lau, Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Retention & Advocacy at NetBase


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