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Ever consider the giant impact that Influitive could make on your business?

It’s simple! Discover new and top performing customers. Nurture those customers by building scalable relationships. Mobilize your advocates on high-impact missions. All with Influitive’s AdvocateHUB! See how the Hub can work for your organization with a demo tailored specifically for you.

You know that phrase: “The customer is always right!” Here’s what some of ours have to say:

“Our advocates have helped generate more than 300 reviews – which made us the top-ranked solution in our product category on G2 Crowd and IT central station.”

– Davin Wilfred, Senior Marketing Manager at QuickBase



“Without our advocates’ help, we’d be missing half of the content we currently create.”

– Taylor Moore, Content Marketing Manager, TouchBistro



“Influitive is simply an amazing platform to help drive customer retention, referrals, reviews, and references. ROI was hit from day one – we were amazed at what our customers were sharing with us.”

– Brittany Liu, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer and Advocacy, HireRight

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