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Get the strategic guidance you need for you to discover, nurture, and mobilize your advocates, and take your business to the next level.

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When it comes to your customer engagement and advocate marketing efforts, there’s always room for growth.

Whether you are investigating building your customer relationships, just launching your customer engagement community, or looking to expand the vision of your program and build advocacy, there are many factors to consider and directions you could go. Our Strategic Consultants have experience building, managing and growing customer engagement and advocacy communities for hundreds of organizations. Whether you’re using an advocate marketing platform, social community or just a spreadsheet, our experienced consultants can help you scale your efforts and increase your impact to drive strategic results across your organization.

Customer Engagement and Advocacy Workshop

Every organization needs a plan for engaging with their customers, capturing their voice, and leveraging their passion. Whether you are just starting on your journey to engaging customers and creating brand advocates, or whether you’re looking to grow your efforts, our seasoned Strategic Consultants have the experience needed to help you create a tactical and actionable plan. With our one-and-a-half day on-site Strategic Advocacy and Engagement Workshop, we dive into your organization and ensure you’re approaching your program creation with best practices in mind. We’ll help you align your customer engagement efforts directly into company-wide goals and assist you in identifying the right internal stakeholders to execute. Possible workshop sessions include:

  • Mapping a customer engagement journey from new client to advocate
  • Building a program vision and success plan
  • Defining the best customer engagement use cases for your organization
  • Planning and execution of customer advocate events or campaigns
  • Gaining internal program buy-in and participation
  • Building an advocate marketing and engagement team
  • Account-based marketing using advocates
  • Change management

After this extensive workshop, your Strategic Consultant will provide you with a Customer Engagement and Advocacy Tactical Plan, outlining multiple strategies that align with your goals, including estimated resources and proposed timelines.

Customer Engagement and Advocacy Workshop

Quarterly Strategic Consultant

Do you have a customer engagement or advocate marketing community, but want to create a broader and more strategic vision of advocacy within your organization? Get quarterly guidance from a dedicated Strategic Consultant who will work with you on marketing strategies, program engagement, internal buy-in, and much more! What’s included?

  • Start things off with a half-day workshop to determine the biggest opportunities for your program
  • Keep the forward momentum with quarterly 2-hour virtual strategic sessions
  • Get direct online access to your Strategic Consultant year-round
Quarterly Strategic Consultant

AdvocateHub Strategic Deep-Dive Session

If you’re already using Influitive’s AdvocateHub for your customer engagement and advocate marketing community, but want strategic advice to reignite your program or catapult it to the next level, you can book a deep-dive session with one of our top Strategic Consultants. During this two-hour session, you’ll focus on topics such as:

  • Vision mapping
  • Ideas for increasing community engagement and membership
  • Program use cases and uncovering untapped value
  • Boosting program visibility

After your deep-dive session, your Strategic Consultant will provide you with a summary of your key session discoveries, plus a tactical outline to allow for quick execution.

AdvocateHub Strategic Deep-Dive Session
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