Student and Alumni Advocacy

AdvocateHub: The leading advocate community platform

Connect with your advocates at scale

Throw out your spreadsheet run program and get ready to extend your ability to foster important relationships.

Build the kind of community you'd want to hang out in

Help your students and alumni establish strong, lasting relationships with you and their peers.

The right ask for the right audience

Make every interaction highly personalized in a few clicks to drive engagement.

Demonstrate your impact

Show how advocacy moves the needle with powerful reporting and integration to CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Recognize and reward

Use small tokens of appreciation, social status and exclusivity to drive activity and results.

Proven science of advocacy

Influitive's advocacy platform is built on data, deep segmentation and personalization, giving each advocate a unique, engaging and fun experience.

Your advocate community, your brand

The customer experience is all about consistency. Your advocate community looks and feels like just like your brand.

Get your referral engine cranking

Nurture your students and alumni to build your student recruitment pipeline.

Drive your alumni to recruit back at the school they hold close to their hearts

Our gamified platform makes it easy for you to target, ask and track your alumni’s job requests, and makes it easy to amplify the opportunities to your students.

Drive your alumni to recruit back at the school they hold close to their hearts

Discussions that build community

Your advocates deserve more than just another forum on your website. They want to feel a sense of belonging among a community of their peers, where they can share best practices, build social capital, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

AdvocateHub enables you to foster discussions with and between your advocates. Create relationships that will last a lifetime and learn a ton about your advocates along the way.

Discussions that build community

See AdvocateHub in action

Influitive’s alumni engagement platform can help your school break the cycle of poor alumni engagement and engage your students and graduates to become vocal advocates for your institution. AdvocateHub is flexible, customizable, and can be up-and-running for you this semester.

Watch this short video to learn more!

Integrate advocacy into everything

Your alumni and students impact many different parts of your school’s success, so you don’t need yet another place to manage them. That’s why Influitive’s AdvocateHub features an integration library which allows you to plug advocacy directly into your existing processes and track that impact every step of the way.

We integrate with your CRM, marketing automation tool and more!

Integrate advocacy into everything

Complete referral management

When your students and alumni feel connected to their school, they’re willing to tell people they know about their experience. All you have to do is ask!

Influitive fosters this love through an advocate-centered approach to collecting, tracking and rewarding referrals submitted by your student and alumni. And because referral are more qualified and interested, your team is spending their time on the highest quality interactions.

Thanks to automatic recognition at key milestones and complete transparency about where the referrals are in the process, your advocates are more likely to refer high-quality contacts to you again and again.

Complete referral management
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