Get to know your customers, then optimize their experience

Influitive makes it fun, intuitive, and rewarding for customers to tell you about themselves through gamified activities, requests and challenges.

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Gamify the customer journey to learn more at every stage

From pre-sale to sale to renewal, leverage gamification to collect higher rates of information from customers often and in more detail.

Use NPS data to decide how each customer journey unfolds

Sync this critical data to your CRM for sales reps, account managers, CSMs, and other systems to leverage with automation.


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Build fun campaigns to rival the most innovative B2C brands

Deliver unforgettable moments that surprise and delight your customers. Our team has deep expertise when it comes to engaging customers and lots of pre-built content to inspire you and save time.

Recognize top members with accolades and exclusive opportunities

Demonstrate real gratitude by delivering great experiences for valued customers. Badges and levels become status symbols and your library of rewards and recognition can be tailored to each persona, group, or individual.


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Map every customer survey response and build dynamic segments

Build rich user profiles full of zero-party data on demographics, product feedback, and qualitative and quantitative experience data, to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

We help our customers get results

We use Influitive as our global customer advocacy platform, to drive advocacy acts via our customers across our business. As a SaaS platform, we use Influitive as a single customer community, which makes it easier to administer while giving customers an amazing experience, helping us to gain a share of voice, improved perception, and trust.

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Jon Ashley

Global Head of Customer Advocacy, Sage

With our advocate community in Influitive, we’re building tighter client relationships that provide numerous benefits over time. It’s given us a way to connect with clients at scale, where one person would not have been able to do so before. Plus, we’re providing a unique client experience as ADP is investing in our individual clients’ careers, providing exclusive access, and helping them (help us) evolve their product experience.

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Sarah Schreiner

Senior Client Insights Analyst, ADP

Influitive makes connecting with your customers very easy. The fact that you are able to gamify the whole experience makes it 10x more fun for the customer. Due to this platform, we have been able to cultivate super-users/customers that step up for any advocacy opportunities.

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Pida Pairawan

Customer Advocacy Manager, Rubrik

25 point

Increase in NPS score for program vs non-program members



NPS score (all-time highest)


20 point

Increase in NPS score for program vs non-program members


With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We’re ready when you are.