Influitive Institute

At Influitive, we want to be a partner on your professional journey in the world of Customer and Advocate Marketing. That’s why we created Influitive Institute, a new learning hub powered by AdvocateHub—the same platform customers use to run their program.

Introductory course

Certified Influitive Program Manager

The Certified Influitive Program Manager course, a ten-module certification program, is designed to set Advocate Marketers up for success right from the beginning of their journey with Influitive.

The modules are aimed towards those who are running an AdvocateHub and those who want to build a career in Customer or Advocate Marketing.

By the time you have completed the certification, you will feel confident in your ability to create and maintain a thriving and valuable community of customers.


What you’ll learn in this course

Member discovery and recruitment:

Grasp the value of Influitive’s Discover, Nurture, Mobilize framework and describe what member discovery entails, understanding how to find program members and learning more about them.

Using and creating campaigns:

Learn about campaigns, list the components of an effective campaign in the context of a customer or advocate marketing program, and feel prepared to plan out a campaign in your own Influitive hub.

Member engagement and relationships:

Bring value to your customers and organization by using your knowledge of general and individual personas to nurture program members.

Creating challenges and channels:

Everything you need to know about building Challenges and Channels within your program to effectively organize content for personalized journeys and engagement.

Mobilization and generating ROI:

Activate program members to engage in valuable acts of advocacy for your organization and teach them the value of growing their personal brand and status in relation to your business.

Targeting, segmentation and groups:

Learn how to implement segmentation strategies within your program. You will learn the tools required to ensure your program presents relevant and interesting information to members.

Theming and branding:

Define your program’s tone of voice and persona, as well as vision, mission, and values. Learn about the extensive theming, branding and customization available within the AdvocateHub platform.

Gamification in AdvocateHub:

Understand the key gamification elements of the platform and how to leverage the program to deliver great value to your organization and members across the board.

Discussions moderation and set up:

Create some effective discussion topics for your program and learn best practices for using and moderating discussions.

Introduction to reporting in AdvocateHub:

Understand how to report on the value your program is producing utilizing powerful dashboards and ready-made formulas.

“[The Certified Influitive Program Manager] is a clear, comprehensive path towards implementing a successful advocate program.”

Cameron Moreau

Customer Marketing Specialist at PowerDMS

“The Influitive Institute’s Certified Influitive Program Manager program is great for anyone who wants to fine-tune their advocate marketing skills. I would highly recommend it!”

Jessica Mitchell

Customer Advocacy Program Manager at Wiley

“I feel like this is a required step to onboarding new and future Hub Administrators, and a terrific way to relearn the basics if you’ve been using AdvocateHub for a while. I found it very inspiring.”

Jackie Middleton

Customer Success Specialist at DataBank IMX

“What I loved the most about the course is that it covers everything you need to know to start building your community of advocates from scratch, and to make it skyrocket to the moon. The training materials are very well structured on each topic, and the examples showcased are inspiring. I am really happy to have had the chance to participate in this program, and I recommend it to anyone regardless of their level of experience working with Influitive AdvocateHub.”

Doina Negrila

Marketing Programs Manager at Advocacy Maven

“A solid foundation for any new hub admin but also a good reminder of best practices for seasoned admins.”

Diana Gabroveanu

CMO at Advocacy Maven

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