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A Brief History Of Developer Relations Programs: How DevRel Evolved Into Developer Communities

This post is part of a series on the evolution of developer relations, evangelism and advocacy as a marketing and community-building function. Click here to read the first blog in the series, An Introduction To Developer Relations: What It Is And Why You Need It. When I joined Constant Contact in 2013, developer relations programs Continued

What To Do When Your Advocate Marketer Leaves Your Company

I want you to meet a pretty cool guy (IMHO): Truman Tang, Director of Marketing, Customer and Advocacy, at Influitive. He’s the mastermind behind our incredible advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP.  Truman’s got a pretty long list of accomplishments under his belt, like driving 1,000 customer referrals in a year, running highly effective ABM campaigns Continued

7 Referral Program Best Practices For Wooing Customers

From high-growth startups to multinational enterprises, every B2B company wants more customer referrals. After all, 69% of companies with referral programs report that their time to close deals is faster than those without, and 59% report a higher customer life-time value. But asking for referrals can be awkward. Even if you have an awesome product Continued

4 B2B Content Marketing Myths That Need To Die, According To Jason Miller

As a B2B content marketer, you’re under a lot of pressure. It’s harder to get prospects’ attention with the sheer volume of content that’s out there. You’re expected to create tons of new and exciting content—often all by yourself (or with limited resources). Plus, increasingly globalized audiences mean that you have to produce even more Continued

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The Power Of B2B Referral Marketing Programs

When you want to try out a new restaurant, where do you turn for advice? Recommendations from friends and family, of course. The same is true in your professional life—except choosing new software is a little more important than picking a restaurant. This means that referrals and recommendations from colleagues, and those who work in the Continued

The Art Of Asking For A Customer Reference

The scenario: it’s nearing the end of the quarter, and your sales team is within reach of their number. Evaluations are done, sales reps are in closing mode, and all that stands in the way of a killer three months are a few customer references. Panic time? Of course not. Asking for a customer reference Continued

5 Referral Program Ideas For Driving More B2B Leads

Do you feel awkward asking customers for referrals? You shouldn’t. According to SalesStaff, 91% of satisfied customers say they’d give referrals. Yet, on average, only 29% of customers do. Why? It’s likely because you haven’t asked them. Or, at least, not in the right way. Barraging customers with emails asking for referrals isn’t going to Continued

Which Is Right For You: Influencer Marketing Or Advocate Marketing?

Lots of companies ask influential outsiders to advocate on their behalf, with the hopes that it will grow their reach and generate new leads in a (seemingly) organic way. And it makes sense in these digitally-connected times. People often seek the opinions of their peers online before they make a purchase (including B2B buyers). However, influencer Continued

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How To Turn A Sleepy B2B Support Portal Into A Thriving Advocate Community

The role of B2B communities is shifting. In the past, they tended to devolve into quiet support portals (or, at worst, ghost towns). However, as customer engagement and retention become increasingly important in a subscription-based world, marketers and community managers are focusing on leveraging communities to impact these metrics instead. This focus on customer experience is Continued

10 Steps To Energize Your Blog With Advocate-Generated Content

Pearson, the world’s largest learning company, wanted to change the way students perceived their brand. The company offers technology, materials and services to help students reach their highest potential… but many college students just saw Pearson as a textbook vendor. “We needed to build brand affinity,” says Lindsey Erlick, Senior Manager, Student Advocacy & Marketing Continued