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How to Plan an Event That Will Get Attendees Talking

Running in-person events—such as user conferences—is a great opportunity to put a face to the customer advocates you engage with digitally on a regular basis. It’s also no secret that conferences deliver immense business value by enabling your passionate customers to connect with one another and share their own best practices, by extension empowering them Continued

Ask the Experts: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Reevaluate and Rework Your Online Community?

Part of what makes someone an exceptional online community manager is the ability to pinpoint exactly what resonates with members and pivot when you’re not offering what they’re looking for. In the two years that he’s been running Webroot’s customer advocate community, Senior Communications Manager, Drew Frey, has become well-acquainted with this fact. Webroot, a Continued

What Type of Referral Program Software Does Your B2B Company Really Need?

There’s a lot of referral program software out there. While some technologies focus on simpler tasks—like tracking and capturing referrals—others have more complex features, like automated rewards and integrations with other tools to create a more seamless experience. Before digging into your research on platform providers, a helpful exercise is to think about what exactly Continued

Take your Network of Brand Advocates Global with Localized Marketing

The old Dale Carnegie adage is true: “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” People thrive on personalization—the feeling that something is special and unique to them—and this is especially true in business. While email blasts tend to go out to thousands of people, Continued

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How to Scientifically Test for Customer Obsession According to Netflix’s Former VP of Product

You can claim to be customer obsessed. But can you back it up with numbers? Former Netflix VP of Product Gibson Biddle thinks so, and he has a method for delighting customers in hard-to-copy ways that proves it. In his Advocamp 2018 video session, available with the purchase of an on-demand pass, Gibson shared his Continued

Ask the Experts: 5 Tips for Getting Value From Your Online Community with GE Digital’s Mary-Leslie Davis

A truth that marketing teams now have to contend with is that consumers simply don’t trust brands anymore. Companies need to adapt accordingly by making sure they’re in touch with what their customers are thinking, feeling, and saying. In light of this shift, we’ve seen new roles pop up throughout organizations that focus on bringing Continued

How SAP Concur’s Ellie Wu Attracts Enthusiastic Brand Champions From Day One

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You get a request for a reference, guest speaker, or success story. You scan your list, realize it’s incomplete, and jog over to your customer success team to ask, “Hey, know anyone who’d be a great fit?” If that’s you, you’re limiting the quality and diversity of your advocates, Continued

7 Steps for Taking Your Organization From Customer-Centric to Customer-Powered

If you work in B2B, then you probably hear the terms “customer-obsessed,” “customer-centric,” and even “customer-powered” used interchangeably on a day-to-day basis. Rather than merely being buzzwords, the increased usage of this kind of language is a sign of how companies are shifting their priorities to focus on the value they bring to their customers. Continued

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Q&A with ADP’s Sarah Schreiner: How to Make Your Customer Advocate Community Service Your Entire Business

You may have heard of customer advocacy and see it as a function belonging solely to Marketing, when in fact, its results can be used to bolster other departments like Customer Success, Sales and Product Development. A well-managed customer advocate community can be your go-to source when you need anything from referrals, to references, to Continued

Q&A With PowerDMS’ Ray Lau: Why a Customer Advocate Community Is the Cheat Code for Growing Your Business

According to Forrester, we are in the age of the customer, in which buyers, empowered by technology and social media, possess control of their own journeys. To avoid getting left behind, companies need to embrace this shift by looking to their customers for insights on how to improve marketing, product development and customer success. An Continued