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We have the pleasure of working with amazing companies (including nine of the top 10 largest software companies) and their incredible people. We’re so proud of what they’ve been able to achieve.

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New customer reference sign-ups


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3rd party reviews


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Increase in renewal revenue


Increase in customer retention

When it comes to demand generation, [Influitive] is very important for the sales organization. Our program provides them with the referrals, references, and reviews they need to close new business.”

Kathleen Orazio 
Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager

“It’s Reddit meets Facebook meets something wonderful… Influitive is like all these beautiful platforms in one. It’s really refreshing; it’s a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate the concept.”

Jennifer (Jae) Washington
Customer Community & Advocacy Manager

“What’s the #1 reason I love using Influitive? It allows me to build relationships with customers that I (and the rest of the marketing team) have not been able to have. It makes engagement fun and rewarding for both sides!”

Anna Schlaht 
Content Creator 

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