Advocate Marketing excellence requires thinking broadly about how to achieve success. Influitive’s partner program brings together a wide range of innovative solutions and deep expertise from trusted providers. We’re advocates for all these companies, so just ask us about them and we’ll be happy to tell you why (and make an introduction).

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Sales Partners
Sales Partners

Agencies offering services in support of AdvocateHub-based Advocate Marketing programs.

Services Partners
Services Partners

Companies offering services or solutions that are related to Advocate Marketing.

Technology Partners
Technology Partners

Software and Internet companies that offer complementary solutions.

Quick Program Comparison

Sales Partner Services Partner Technology Partner
Collaborative Selling Yes Yes Yes
Referral Fees Yes Yes Yes
Online Training & Resources Yes Yes Yes
Advocate Marketing Certification Yes Yes Yes
Influitive Services Certification Yes
Co-Marketing Upon Approval Yes Upon Approval
Sandbox AdvocateHub Yes Yes
<strong>Mary-Leslie Davis</strong>, Director of Field Marketing and Customer Engagement, <strong>‎Staples Advantage</strong>
“Working with an agency has helped us worry less about execution, and focus more on the goals for the program and engaging our customers in new and meaningful ways.”Mary-Leslie Davis, Director of Field Marketing and Customer Engagement, ‎Staples Advantage