Feedback and surveys

Collect rich zero-party data from your customers in minutes

The best way to ensure your product meets expectations is through constant market feedback that a powerful advocate program can give you in real-time—from all of your customers.


Improve persona development

Craft short surveys to understand their motivations, challenges and personal interests to help you tailor their customer journey and deliver moments that matter.

Boost product feedback by incentivizing data collection

Use badges and targeted rewards to recognize members who give valuable feedback about your product, company and program.

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Automatically map answers to profile fields for better segmentation

Turn survey responses into profile fields that when targeted will allow you to provide relevant content, rewards, and discussion categories to them.

Use deep user profiles to create more personalized experiences

Combine data from your CRM with zero-party data collected in your program to build a 360° customer profile.

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We help our customers get results

With Influitive, it’s as simple as setting up the survey within a challenge (an activity that earns members points once completed), and if people aren’t responding, we can give them a gentle nudge. I can have feedback within minutes or hours, and that saves a tremendous amount of time compared to emailing customers individually.

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Jessica Mitchell

Sr. Customer Advocacy Program Manager, Wiley

We use [Influitive] for customer success, retention, and demand generation, and we’ve created a robust online community where customers can share and learn from each other, as well as provide valuable feedback to our company to help inform our roadmap.

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Kathleen Orazio

Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Viewpoint

Influitive has been very helpful in receiving product feedback, finding beta testers, as well as pushing out new company/product information. Due to this platform, we have been able to cultivate super-users/customers that step up for any advocacy opportunities

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Pida Pairawan

Customer Marketing Manager, Rubrik


In cost savings from Product Advisory feedback



Increase in Net Promoter Score





In UX and design cost savings




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With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We're ready when you are.