Build a buzzing community of customers, partners, and employees

Customers connect on a personal level to share information about your product or industry and help solve each others’ problems.


Incentivize community engagement so things don’t go quiet

Recognize and reward members for asking and answering questions, contributing to best practice conversations or sharing product feedback and ideas with the crowd.

An environment to foster organic upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Expose members to first-hand accounts of what it’s like to use your products and the features that can make them more successful in their roles.

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Community 3

A place to network, learn, share ideas and best practices

Members can discuss any topic in a private, semi-private, or public forum. Email, push notifications, and an activity feed help members find the topics that interest them and bring them back for more.

Invite all team members to engage and learn from customers

Discussion forums can help build trusted, authentic, and organic relationships that help members feel heard through best practice sharing, problem-solving or even just entertaining posts. 

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Community 5

Build great experiences to engage traditionally hard-to-reach customers

Create user groups based on shared goals, location or product lines and use survey data to build segmented discussion forums and help members strengthen community connections.

We help our customers get results

Whether you’re B2C or B2B, the best approach to build customer loyalty and grow brand awareness is to foster two-way conversations between your business and the people who use your products. And the fastest way to start and maintain such discussions is through an online advocate community.

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Jon Ashley

Global Head of Customer Advocacy, Sage

Our Influitive program is owned by Marketing but is being used cross-functionally across our Product, Product Marketing, Customer Success and Support teams. We use it for customer success, retention, and demand generation. And, we’ve created a robust online community where customers can share and learn from each other, as well as provide valuable feedback to our company to help inform the roadmap.

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Kathleen Orazio

Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Viewpoint

We were looking for something to create a special community for our users. Inbound Marketing is all about creating relationships and building customer loyalty, and Influitive has helped us achieve it. AdvocateHub is the perfect tool to create this community, manage it and maintain customer relationships.

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Dérick St-Hilaire

Digital Marketing Specialist, Devolutions


Support cost savings in 1 quarter



Peer-to-peer connections made




Discussion replies



With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We’re ready when you are.