Grow and scale your reference program fast

Easily build a pool of advocates willing to share their experiences. Then, help your sales team select those who are most relevant to their prospects’ industry, seniority, and use cases.


Find, recruit, and incentivize members to join your reference pool

Use Activities to ask customers to join your Reference group directly. By volunteering in the Activity, they’ll automatically be placed into a “Reference Group” where you can target more Activities, or target specific Rewards as a special thank you for helping your business grow.

Gather zero-party data to strategically pair references together

Use surveys to populate data on preferred use cases, sentiment, industry and more to make the best connections.

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Integrate with Salesforce for a seamless workflow

Your sales team can log reference requests that will automatically populate a reference challenge, including nominated members to take on the request. Influitive is the only vendor that can source, match, manage and reward referenceable customers in a single unified advocacy system, all at scale. Learn more about our new Reference Management App.

We help our customers get results

We’ve solved our disconnect with associating references to sales opportunities. Our sales team can also view all advocacy activities directly on their opportunities and contacts in Salesforce. We’ve also been able to save so much time in putting advocacy activities out to customers – and they can self-select what they are interested in.

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Lauren Irvin

Customer Advocacy Manager, Verint

When I rejoined Greenway, my goal was to really standardize and scale our reference and referrals program. At the same time, the US government announced new regulations for the healthcare software industry….once we came across Influitive, we immediately knew it would meet those compliance needs and would be the perfect tool for our new program.

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Storey Sheriff

Advocacy Marketing Manager, Greenway Health

We use Influitive to help drive engagement among our customer base, identify referenceable customers for marketing opportunities such as case studies or speaking engagements, generate reviews on B2B software review websites to help boost our brand reputation, generate quotes and testimonials, and gather product feedback to help inform our roadmap.

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Rachel Lurie

Sr. Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Emburse


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With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We're ready when you are.