Customer Success

Build customer relationships at scale

Stop relying on 1:1 outreach and email blasts to engage your customers post-onboarding. Influitive’s advocate community platform helps you forge personal relationships with hundreds—or even thousands—of customers to drive customer success, satisfaction, and advocacy.

Improve customer retention and user adoption

Influitive makes sharing best practices, news, and product education more engaging and interactive than an email blast or static knowledge base. Lead your customers on the path to success by creating timely, gamified campaigns that entice them to master new features, and automatically reward them for their participation—all within a single, cohesive program.

Reduce CS burden while enhancing the customer experience

Influitive’s personalization and segmentation capabilities make automating the customer journey more intuitive and less laborious than 1:1 outreach. Standardize your on-boarding experience or craft your advocates’ experience based on their interests, health/satisfaction scores, and product usage—or anything else you can segment them by using your CRM.

Uncover more account growth opportunities to upsell customers more easily

Influitive lets your team build meaningful relationships with customers and uncover your happiest users, so your team better understands who’s ready for an up-sell. Introduce them to products or services they may not be aware of through educational experiences, and let them easily move the conversation forward if they want to talk to your sales team.

“Through Influitive, we’re able to educate customers on best practices, training paths, feature enhancements, and more. We’ve seen 98% user adoption rates, and reduced user churn by 54%!”

Nicole Dingley,
VP Customer Success, Wiley

See Influitive in action

Watch a two-minute product overview and take a closer look into how the Influitive platform can help you forge personal relationships to drive customer success, satisfaction, and advocacy—at scale.