Enable more customers to adopt your products by delivering amazing learning experiences

Influitive allows your CS team to interface directly with your customers and build highly tailored learning journeys that take customers from novice to expert.


Build guided learning journeys that are fun and rewarding

Craft sequential learning flows that teach customers the basics or nurture them through more advanced coursework. Have content progressively unlock so learners don’t feel overwhelmed.

Perk customers for advancing their skills and knowledge

By leveraging Influitive’s game mechanics, customers are not only rewarded with additional skills and know-how but with points, levels, badges, and rewards.

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Customer Success can engage customers in real-time 

Bring CSMs and subject matter experts into the same community to give customers quick tips and feedback.

Leverage rich media capabilities to build beautiful lessons

Embed or upload high-quality images and videos while you build stunning content with our WYSIWYG, rich-content editor. Build skill-testing quizzes and request uploads for homework.

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Develop guided journeys that educate, engage, and deliver enjoyment

Announce new products, build training modules, and drive adoption of new features with exciting campaigns that nudge customers to test each facet of a new product. We have an extensive library of pre-built content and templates to make it easy.

Customers join your team as product experts and support others

Working together, your support team and super users can join forces to answer questions and help build your tribal knowledge base.

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We help our customers get results

[Influitive] provides the framework and customer success support for onboarding, implementation, and growth. They provide professional learning opportunities to learn from the Influitive team and other community leaders. The data is robust and you can easily see what strategies are working and which ones need adjustments.

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Sue Reukauf

Senior Manager, Installed Base Marketing and Customer Loyalty/Advocacy, Renaissance

Marketing manages Influitive, but our Customer Success and Product teams are also highly involved. We use Influitive to help drive engagement among our customer base, identify referenceable customers […] and gather product feedback to help inform our roadmap. We also love the discussion feature, as this really helps our customers stay connected, share best practices, and network.

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Rachel Lurie

Senior Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Emburse

Influitive makes connecting with your customers very easy. The fact that you are able to gamify the whole experience makes it 10x more fun for the customer. We have been able to cultivate super-users/customers that step up for any advocacy opportunities. Influitive has been very helpful in receiving product feedback, finding beta testers, as well as pushing out new company/product information.

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Pida Pairawan

Customer Marketing Manager, Rubrik


reduction in technical support requests from certified vs uncertified partners



of Q&A pairs are created and answered via Influitive integration



increase in Net Promoter Score




With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We’re ready when you are.