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Drive customer loyalty with rewards, recognition, and exclusive experiences

Use Influitive’s Customer Loyalty Software to…

Track customers across every touchpoint as they engage with
your product, your content, and your teams


Points and rewards motivate new customers and advocates alike

As customers help you define your product roadmap, tighten your marketing message, and uncover hidden value propositions, they earn points, levels, and badges that give them access to exclusive rewards.

Create tiers of exclusivity that are unlocked through engagement

Customers work to gain access to your brand’s inner circle over time. As they progress, nudged by game mechanics, they gain access to unique opportunities and rewards.

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Find the activities that correlate to customer lifetime value

Discover the activities that correlate to customer lifetime value (LTV) and incentivize these with targeted asks and extra points.

Track multichannel engagement and award points for any activity

As customers move from your website, to your product, community, and beyond, they interact at all of these touch points. Influitive’s customer loyalty software can ingest these interactions, tie them to a member, and reward for activities that take place across channels.

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Here’s what marketers say about our customer loyalty software

Influitive has given us a chance to interact more one-on-one with our loyal customers, build relationships with them, and get their feedback. We just used Influitive to launch a live announcement for our customers…[and] I was getting tons of messages after the fact about how much they enjoyed it.

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Cait Hassett

Director of Social Media and Influencer Marketing, Keeper Security

Inbound Marketing is all about creating relationships and building customer loyalty and Influitive has helped us to achieve it. AdvocateHub is the perfect tool to create this community, manage it and maintain the customer relationship.

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Dérick St-Hilaire

Digital Marketing Specialist, Devolutions

[Influitive is] an overall great platform with campaigns and challenges well integrated with the entire platform, from local challenges contained to just the hub to social challenges for a wider impact. It is a one-stop solution to run and manage a loyalty program.

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Megha Jetley

Team Lead, Customer Marketing, Cvent


Decrease in churn rate for program members



Average influence XOXO Program has on renewal



Renewal opportunities influenced


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With Influitive, your advocates fuel business growth and customer success

Whether you want to generate more leads and references, drive more customer success, or even improve future products through direct customer feedback, Influitive has got you covered. We’re ready when you are.