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2023 All About the Customer podcast recap

2023 Recap
December 27, 2023

Let’s look back at the year that was. In this episode, we dive into a recap and soundbite from each of 2023’s 18 episodes.

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2023 Recap

Episode 033December 27, 2023
2023 All About the Customer podcast recap

Dr. Genefa Murphy, Udemy

Episode 032December 13, 2023
Stop Waiting: Why You Should Engage Customers as Advocates from the Start

Vikram Dutt, Autodesk

Episode 031November 29, 2023
How Autodesk Is Doubling Down on Customer-Centricity

Kevin Lau, F5

Episode 030November 15, 2023
Why Customer Retention Is a Team Sport

Sara Varni, Attentive

Episode 029November 1, 2023
From Ivory Tower to Customer-Centric: A Guide to Better Messaging

Esther Flammer, Wrike

Episode 028October 18, 2023
Tapping Into Your Customers to Drive Messaging, GTM Strategy, and Product Decisions

Teresa Anania, Zendesk

Episode 027October 4, 2023
How Zendesk Is Building the Gold Standard in CX

Johann Wrede, Emburse

Episode 026September 20, 2023
Developing an Outside- In Customer-Centric Mindset

Katlin Hess, G2

Episode 025September 6, 2023
G2’s Katlin Hess on the Untapped Power of Customer Reviews

Rod Cherkas, Author

Episode 024August 30, 2023
Author Rod Cherkas on Why Marketing Should Have a Bigger Post-Sale Role

Allyson Havener, TrustRadius

Episode 023August 9, 2023
A Deep Dive Into the B2B Buying Disconnect

Lauren Turner, Alyce

Episode 022July 26, 2023
Yes, and Marketing: Unleashing Creativity and Adaptability Through Improv

Mark Kilens, Airmeet

Episode 021May 31, 2023
Empower Your Customers and Grow Your Business Through Customer Education

Julie Norquist Roy, CMO, Independent Board Advisor

Episode 020May 11, 2023
How to Drive Advocacy Across Your Entire Organization

Jeff Pedowitz, The Pedowitz Group

Episode 019April 28, 2023
Why the Traditional Sales Funnel Is Outdated (and Its Customer-Centric Replacement)

Michelle Randall, Playvox

Episode 018April 6, 2023
10 Low-Cost Ways to Launch a Customer Marketing Program

Cassie Sneed, Reputation

Episode 017March 24, 2023
Unwrapping the Art of Customer Gift Giving

Natalie Gullatt, HubSpot

Episode 016February 3, 2023
HubSpot’s Natalie Gullatt on How to Overcome Advocacy Fatigue

Brent Adamson, Ecosystems

Episode 015January 13, 2023
Best-Selling Author Brent Adamson on How Sales and Marketing Can Better Support Customers