After crawling out from their cabins after an evening of celebrations, campers started their final day at Advocamp by listening to a speaker many couldn’t wait to hear: Jay Baer, master of all things marketing and customer success.


Jay’s talk focused on the need for marketing and customer success to come together to create better experiences (and therefore better word of mouth) for their brands. And that means being good not just to happy customers, but also to the “haters.” By acknowledging haters and taking their feedback to heart, brands can turn the tide for their reputations and create stronger advocates. Ignoring them is the worst thing you can do. Put some resources behind embracing and addressing all complaints—whether they’re warranted or not.

The next keynote was from Joe Chernov, Vice President of Marketing of InsightSquared. He shared with the audience how to apply the WOMMA framework to mobilize and inspire customer advocates. To harness the power of word of mouth, your efforts must be measurable, repeatable, credible, respectful and social. Create a real community for your advocates by making sure all the chatter isn’t just about your brand.


After the morning keynotes, attendees could use their break times to gather around several small campfires to discuss specific topics with their peers, such as how advocacy can fuel demand gen and customer reward ideas.


Next, campers headed to one last set of AMP talks (15-minute TED Talk-style sessions) packed with advocate marketing practitioners and experts. If you want to get insights from the presentations, visit SlideShare to view all of the Advocamp decks.

The day closed with a talk from best-selling author Daniel Pink on using principles of psychology to motivate advocates. His three keys: autonomy, mastery and purpose. If you can give your advocates self-direction, consistent feedback and a deep sense of belonging, they will be happy to champion your cause.


Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. However, at Advocamp, we like to say goodbye with chocolate dipped marshmallows. Until next year, campers!


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