8 Business Technology Review Sites Where Your Advocates Can Praise You

Running an advocate marketing program is like being a pizza maker: you have to make things fresh if you want people to come back.

Ham pizza

Mmmmm…freshly delivered pizza!

This means constantly updating your program with new content and rewards to keep your advocates engaged. The more value they get from the experience, the more they will do for you.

My 2015 advocate marketing resolution was to get our VIPs more involved with our program’s decisions. I wanted them to see that their opinions mattered and could influence what we do. I was also hoping to learn more about what really excites our VIPs so I could give them more value.

I started by asking for their opinions on our new VIP logo, and getting them to vote for their favorite new design. The following month, I shared the results of the votes and invited them to visit our AdvocateHub to check out the winning design.


Then, something unexpected happened: we got a rush of reviews on G2 Crowd.

Our VIP advocates went to our AdvocateHub to check out the new logo and then stuck around to complete other challenges. One of those challenges was a request to review us on G2 Crowd.


Within the hour, we had six new reviews on G2 Crowd.

This shows the power of advocate marketing. When you ask someone to do something for you, it often takes them a while to do it. But when you provide enjoyable challenges, your advocates will often take action on their own—bringing you unexpected, but pleasant, results.

Here are three ways you can boost the results of your advocate marketing program:

  1. Keep your program fresh. Treat your advocate marketing hub like a media site. Frequently update your hub’s home page with new, relevant content. As an example, you can include your latest blog posts, videos and resources. You can also create content that ties into holidays or the latest happenings in your industry. This will keep your advocates engaged.
  2. Make it fun. Just because your advocates are professionals, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun. When you give advocates a fun experience, they’ll spend more time with your program and do more for you. Also, don’t be afraid to use humor! For instance, We’ve found that IT professionals enjoy geeky humor, like references to Star Trek and Star Wars. No matter their profession, all advocates appreciate a good laugh.
  3. Provide value. If you provide your advocates with recognition and rewards, they’ll reward you in return. I like to post new contests and prizes every month to keep advocates coming back. We also find that a mix of rewards works best. Some advocates love getting fun prizes, such as gift cards and swag, while others respond better to recognition, like receiving thank you cards, being featured in a case study or offered a speaking opportunity.

Don’t forget to regularly invite your advocates to drop by your program and see what’s happening. They won’t do things for you if they don’t know what’s new!

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