With events canceled across the world due to coronavirus, Influitive has pioneered a ground-breaking virtual event platform called Virtual EventHub™.


Virtual EventHub is a combined software and services turnkey package that supports customers and prospective customers who have canceled and or are considering canceling their physical events like conferences and tradeshows due to the coronavirus pandemic and want to provide a virtual event in its place.

Live, high-level digital events for unlimited attendees can be created in as little as three weeks.

Dan McCall“For attendees, we’re able to help our customers curate a personalized content journey and experience that’s more impactful than with other solutions,” said Dan McCall, Influitive’s Chief Executive Officer. “We consult with our clients at every level to make these virtual journeys interactive before, during, and post events. Our core areas of expertise provides a better way to engage people in a more authentic, competitive way. We’re one of these businesses that can help during this crisis. Our approach to virtual events is a different approach to what other people are taking.”

Virtual EventHub includes a customized event campaign run on Influitive’s web and mobile platform, event engagement best practice consultations, and virtual campaign management. Influitive’s staff builds, customizes and manages virtual event hubs, so there is no need to hire or train additional staff or learn new software.

The platform and services already have been used by Ellie Mae, the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. “We had already developed our virtual conference site but still needed a way to replicate the networking, best practice sharing, and the bit of fun that happens during our in-person events.  Creating a unique destination hub with Influitive allowed us to bring our attendees together in a conference-branded area and create those connections during a virtual event,” said Eileen Linn, advocacy marketing director at Ellie Mae.

Influitive, a Toronto-based firm, works with marketers and digital businesses that want a better way to engage customers and mobilize advocates. The company quickly brought Virtual EventHub to market after it was clear coronavirus would be forcing the cancelation of events on a global level.

McCall stressed that he believes a “new normal” moving forward will include all companies having “virtual companions” for their in-person conferences and events. “Once we get back to conferences, I can’t imagine a big event that won’t have a virtual companion,” McCall said. “And this is something we’ve mastered.”

Influitive partners with marketers and digital businesses to increase referrals, references, reviews, case studies and more. The company’s SaaS platform combines industry-leading customer advocacy tools, expert services and training with intelligent automation, gamification and personalization features that drive extreme engagement and customer growth at scale. The company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has been named one of the fastest-growing businesses in North America, and partners with industry leaders including Cisco, Adobe, ADP, and IBM.

McCall is a technology veteran with over 30 years’ experience who started his career in computer science and compiler writing before finding his calling in marketing and business operations. Before joining Influitive, McCall co-founded two companies, Guardent (acquired by Verisign in 2004) and Virtual Computer (acquired by Citrix in 2012), and held executive positions in marketing, product management, corporate development and engineering.

He said Influitive can help businesses and brands cut through the noise and earn real results.

“People have a million reasons not to spend 10 seconds with you, and we know how to get them to engage,” he said. “We know how to get businesses to rise above the din and clutter.”

Visit Influitive’s Virtual EventHub for more information.

Virtual EventHub Demo