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While there’s no denying that prospecting has changed significantly over the last few months, many of the changes we’re seeing today have been brewing for some time. According to Forrester B2B research data, buyers expect to be treated as equal partners through a lifecycle of empowered experiences provided by vendors that are open, connected, intuitive and immediate. All signs point to buyer experiences that weave human and digital touchpoints together and ultimately orchestrate a seamless buyer journey followed by an amazing customer experience. Easier said than done, right? 

For nearly a decade, Influitive’s engagement platform has been driving customer advocacy programs for companies of all sizes. We recognize that advocacy can begin in the buyer’s journey and extend into every interaction taken, and we also know that grabbing buyer attention is harder than ever in this noisy digital world we live in.

To embrace these expectations, Influitive is launching a new and open version of our product called, Influitive Experience. It’s a place where marketing, CS and CX professionals can experience Influitive’s customer engagement platform for themselves and learn about advocacy and engagement in a self-service environment. 

So how will Influitive Experience meet buyer expectations? 

Open Hub

Influitive Experience is open to all users who want to learn more about customer engagement and advocacy. Sign up in seconds and experience Influitive’s powerful gamification for yourself as you earn points for completing activities like reading content, watching videos, and contributing to discussions. Learn about Influitive’s always-evolving methodology and best practices, product features, and open your mind to all sorts of use cases around buyer, customer, partner, and employee engagement. You can pose any open question via our modern discussion board. 

Opportunities to Connect

Connect with Influitive experts and with like-minded individuals on common challenges faced in customer advocacy and engagement and learn how our customers better engage their customers and mobilize advocates to increase referrals, references, reviews, and more.    

Personalized Journeys

Using advanced targeting and personalization, answer a few short questions to unlock your customized journey. You’ll start with the content most relevant to you, and be given opportunities to explore other areas of interest throughout the journey. Learn at your own pace and invite your colleagues to do the same!  

Intuitive and Gratifying User Experience

Influitive uses game elements—such as points, votes, badges, prizes and rewards—to engage customers and reward and recognize them for actions taken inside and outside the hub. This can extend in the buyer journey as Influitive Experience users can exchange their easy-to-earn points for rewards such as tech gear, charity donations, gift vouchers and more. 

So why not come and experience it for yourself? We look forward to seeing you in our new community.