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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Customer Advisory Board

Marketers are giving a lot of attention of late to the topic of customer engagement. Indeed, optimizing interactions with top clients and maximizing ROI from customer programs seem to be a universal desire for companies. The more challenging aspect of achieving these outcomes seems to be how marketers are supposed to do so. In my Continued

Delighting Customers With Experiential Marketing At Events (With Examples & Tips!)

We’re living in the experience economy, where consumer preferences are shifting from material things to experiences. In the B2B world, where events can sometimes be standardized affairs, savvy marketers know that standout experiences are the best way to cut through the noise and inspire word-of-mouth promotion. Today, we’ll focus on one specific aspect of live Continued

4 Ways to Boost Advocate Motivation Through A Rewards Program

Want to keep your best advocates motivated to engage with your community and promote your brand? The incentives you offer in your advocate community are vital to keeping motivation high. But not all rewards are created equal. Generic gift cards aren’t always the answer. Rather, you need meaningful and memorable rewards to recognize your advocates Continued

How To Create A Discussions-First Community in 7 Steps

Did you know that aside from food and shelter, social connection is one of the most important things that humans need to survive? According to Psychology Today, “belongingness is the driving force of human behavior.” So it’s not surprising to see that online communities have grown rapidly in recent years, since they’re built on human Continued

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Customer-Powered Product Development: How to Create Better Products & Increase Demand

Not hitting your product adoption targets? It could be that you haven’t achieved product-market fit—something that “80% of companies never achieve.” In my experience, most companies rely on time-consuming outreach to validate their products and gather customer feedback. Or, they send out impersonal email surveys that don’t motivate customers to respond. But there’s a more Continued

Customer-Powered Success: Why Advocates Play a Crucial Role in the Post-Sale Journey

Modern B2B enterprises must provide a flawless post-sale customers experience to drive high customer satisfaction and growth.  “Instead of only focusing on internal metrics like churn, retention, and NPS,” says Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, “the most sophisticated companies are looking from the outside in, starting with the customer’s experience and desired outcomes and working Continued

Customer-Powered Sales: 3 Top Tactics for Using Advocates To Build Trust With B2B Prospects

When evaluating new products, B2B buyers don’t want to speak with sales reps. After all, why should prospective buyers trust someone whose greatest motivation is likely to be hitting their monthly sales quota? That is why prospects may ignore attempts you make to build a relationship over the phone or via email. Instead, they seek Continued

Customer-Powered Marketing: 3 Ways Your Advocates Can Spread the Word & Create Interest

Is your pool of marketing qualified leads drying up? Maybe your blog posts or advertising messages just don’t resonate with your target market anymore. The key to unlocking and resolving such issues is leveraging your happiest customers. But how? Marketing teams can accelerate growth by working hand-in-hand with customer advocates to raise product awareness and Continued

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3 Advanced Advocacy Tactics From A Two-Time BAMMIE Award Winner

What could your team accomplish with an extra few hours in your week? You could finally get around to that project you’ve been wanting to start, or launch a new initiative to help hit your targets more efficiently. Now think about what your company could accomplish with an extra 9000 hours this year. Seems too Continued

5 Ways To Mobilize Your Advocates To Boost Your Customer Success Function

Customer advocates can do a lot more than just share your tweets. In fact, using your advocates to support your marketing efforts is only the tip of the iceberg. Advocates can improve your business not only throughout the customer lifecycle, but also across many departments. One popular trend is to use advocates to bolster the Continued