Customer Acquisition

Convert more prospects through a superior buying experience

In today’s connected world, if someone is considering a purchase, the first source they seek out to build a shortlist of potential vendors is one of their peers. People in similar roles and people facing the same challenges. 

So what does this mean?

It means that today’s sales and marketing teams must discover, nurture, and mobilize advocates who will happily share their positive experiences with their peers, enabling businesses to:

Build a referral pipeline at scale

Bring customers and prospects together within the community to enable direct and meaningful conversations. Call on your advocates to generate more trusted referrals and build a larger pool of customer references.

Create authentic user generated content

Customer content is more trusted than vendor content, and a community of advocates will help you develop content faster than relying on your marketing team alone.

Generate 3rd party validation

Increase online brand reach and positive word of mouth. Amplify your reach by inspiring advocates to share their stories  on review sites and on social media.

SchoolMint Accelerated Content Creation & Extended Their Online Brand Presence by Tapping into the Power of Their Community

Online Reviews

Social Shares


in Referral Revenue

It all starts with the right solution.

With the right motivation, customers are happy to refer leads, promote you on social media, share constructive product feedback, post positive product reviews, and much more. Learn more about our advocate community platform.