Exclusive Industry Partnership

Influitive is the exclusive community partner of the Customer
Marketing Alliance (CMA)
. Together, we’re working
to propel
customer marketing forward.

The customer voice matters now more than ever as the
organizations that invest in customer-led growth
today will lead their industries tomorrow.

We’re showing brands and business leaders why
they need to
invest in customer marketers like
you and to fully support your work!

What is the Customer Marketing Alliance?

The CMA is the first independent-led knowledge source for customer marketing
professionals –
the fastest growing field in B2B tech.

The CMA is where high-growth customer marketers get the tools,
knowledge, and networks they need to champion customer
marketing both within their organizations and beyond.

By Partnering with the CMA, We’re…

Evolving organizational
understanding of what it takes
to leverage every part of customer marketing and succeed.

Engaging business leaders
across every industry to make
customer marketing a central
priority for their organizations.

Empowering decision-makers to
help them grow their customer marketing budgets, teams,
and competitive edge.

We’re Supporting You by…

Generating exciting career
and growth opportunities for the Influitive community. You’ll be the customer marketing leaders companies want!

Promoting customer-obsession
so that you work with brands that value customers and the customer voice as much as you do!

Guiding brands into knowing
what it takes to succeed so that
you get the support and buy-in
you need to thrive!

Connecting you with like-minded
individuals to both learn from
and collaborate with.

Helping you build your
thought leadership and
personal branding.

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