Product Management

Rapidly source customer feedback

When you need customer insights, skip the time-consuming 1:1 outreach, often-ignored email surveys, and expensive focus groups. Inspire your customers to adopt new features faster by improving your product with meaningful feedback collected from a valued community of customers.

Collect more customer feedback with less effort

Influitive helps you quickly collect a variety of insights from a broad group of actively engaged customers—and instantly recognize them for sharing their opinions so they’re motivated to do so again and again. Send timely polls, surveys, or open-ended questions to your entire community—or target users of certain product lines or industries.

Accelerate the product iteration process

Whether in formal beta programs or through more casual inquiries, Influitive helps you quickly collect customer feedback, so your team can build the best products—plus get customers excited to adopt new solutions before they’re formally released. Quickly source specific beta testers based on product usage or industry, then track their progress, and quickly share real-time feedback internally so you can iterate on products with less effort.

Improve product launches with advocates

With Influitive, build stronger relationships with your customers by giving them sneak peeks at new products and greater influence on go-to-market plans. Use engaging campaigns to collect customers’ feedback on pricing, naming, packaging, and messaging.

“Our advocates’ feedback shortens our engineering and quality assurance cycles. It also cuts down the length of our sales cycles, as we’re making products that better meet the needs of our targeted verticals.”

Carlos Gonzalez,

See Influitive in action

Watch a two-minute product overview and take a closer look into how the Influitive platform can help you get the insight you need to build better products—faster.