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Upshot helps create better customer stories with less work for you.

It’s all done in 4 simple steps:

  • Identify customers to feature
  • Invite customers to tell their story
  • Track progress of story
  • Approve story and fact-check

We interview, we write, you approve.

If you’re interested in creating more peer-to-peer content to gain buyer trust, fill out the form on this page. We’ll get in touch to determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

To give you an idea of pricing, our entry-level offering is a $7,500 package of stories. 


Time-wise, the beauty of working with Influitive and Upshot is that the process is considerably faster. Some customer stories go from interview to publication in just a matter of days.

Cristina Melluzzi
Director, Global Customer & Partner Advocacy @ Cisco

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