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Discover The Secret Weapon That Helped PowerDMS Stand Out On Review Sites And Generate $410,000 In Opportunities

At PowerDMS, we provide policy management software that helps organizations reduce their risks and liabilities. We serve more than 370,000...


IDC Research: The Role of Marketing in Customer Advocacy

How To Achieve Customer Advocacy Program Success In 2017 Only 10% of B2B IT vendors had established customer advocacy programs...

Success Stories

Staples’ Tips and Tricks for Managing Over 5000 Advocates in Influitive

It’s no secret—customers who feel appreciated make your best advocates. But nurturing those relationships can be a challenge as your...

Success Stories

How Staples Business Advantage Shifted From Product-Centric to Customer-Centric With Influitive

Marketing teams all over the world are beginning to realize the benefits of a customer-centric approach. But this shift from...


Boost Alumni Engagement With An Advocate Community

Alumni relations: are you sick of cold-calling and emailing your alumni for donations, only to get nothing back? Thankfully, there's a...


The Rise of the Customer Marketer

Fully engaged customers spend more and stay around longer. Ultimately, if you treat them right, they'll turn into advocates for...

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Why Joining MongoDB’s Advocate Community Has Been the Best Career Choice of My Life

Considering joining an advocate community? See how MongoDB’s Influitive AdvocateHub has propelled my career with new opportunities and friendships that...


The 2017 Community Value and Metrics Report

The 2017 Community Value and Metrics Report Measuring and proving the value of online communities has never been easy. That’s...

Success Stories

How Clinicient Turned $1k Into $1m in Pipeline and Built a Customer Community Like No Other

It doesn’t take a huge marketing budget to make an impact. By harnessing the power of our customer advocates, my...

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